Learning To Play

Learning a musical instrument is a skill for life - something that lets you create and experience the beauty and pleasure of music anywhere and anytime! It’s also a confidence-building tool that enhances creativity, improves memory, patience, goal-setting, and gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment, not to mention ... it’s a great stress-reliever! We love music!  It’s our life.  And we love passing this pleasure on to our students.

The Teaching Method

We teach in the highly-effective Suzuki method, a natural approach that makes use of the way a child instinctively learns. At home, children learn to speak by listening, watching and repeating. Once they have a basic ability to speak the language, they are formally introduced to reading and writing.

In music, as in language, the ear is critical. From the beginning, the ear is emphasized so that the student learns accurate pitch, beautiful sound, and pleasing tone while they are learning how to play the instrument. Then, when they have learned to "speak" the basic language of the instrument, we can introduce them to other skills such as reading music.

The "Suzuki Triangle" - a mutually-supportive relationship of the parent, teacher, and student further strengthens the learning experience both at home and during lessons. Group lessons and recitals are also an integral part of our student's development.


It’s rewarding to guide a student from childhood to graduation!
Although our adult students say it’s never too late to start!

Student Benefits

  • Develop essential musical skills
  • Receive school credits, certificates, and awards
  • Enhance cognitive development and fine-motor skills 
  • Improve memory, critical thinking, problem-solving skills
  • Raise academic achievement
  • Inspire creativity and self-expression

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