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Music is our whole lives… literally! We both started taking lessons at a young age and are products of the Suzuki approach ourselves. We met in the library at the University of Toronto where we both were in the faculty of music. You could say that music brought us together! Since then, we have had the privilege of teaching over 700 students during more than 40 years of teaching. 


our goal isn’t to create world-class musicians


We love helping our students develop a skill and love for music, but we know that not every student is headed for a career in music - and that’s ok! While we've had students go on to impressive music careers, our biggest goal is to partner with parents and kids to help develop amazing people. Learning an instrument has been proven to help develop important life skills and character that go beyond just playing an instrument. 


We’ve seen students reach their personal and professional goals, receive recognition and awards for their achievements and discover the personal strengths and pleasures that come from learning to express themselves skillfully and freely.  

Lalitha Viinalass
Jeremy Viinalass

So what is the Suzuki Approach?

You’ve heard of working smarter and not harder? Well, the Suzuki approach is all about learning smarter! This highly effective method uses an organic approach to learning that takes advantage of the way kids naturally learn their mother-tongue and applies those same concepts to music. 

All kids learn to speak by watching and listening to those around them, and mimicking what they hear. Single words turn into sentences and eventually kids learn to read and write fluently. Interestingly, it never happens in the opposite order. By first developing the ear, the Suzuki method creates an organic learning environment that lets kids use their natural instincts to learn to play an instrument and read music. 

Barrie's top Suzuki music school
piano violin

F   A  .  Q .

What age should my child start taking lessons?

Kids as young as 4 can start learning! Learning to play an instrument is a lot like learning a language, and we know that kids’ language skills are developing quickly at that age.

That being said, anyone of any age can start learning and we take students of all ages. 

isn't My Kid too small to play a big instrument?

Pianos are “one size fits all”, so we have adjustable benches and foot stools to help the tiniest of learners fit perfectly at the piano. We also have violins of all sizes available to rent as your child grows. The smallest ones look not much bigger than a Christmas ornament!

I've always wanted to learn. Can adults take lessons?

Absolutely! We have lots of adult students who have always wanted to play the violin or piano and are finally indulging that passion, or are coming back to it after taking lessons as a kid. It’s a great time and a whole different experience as an adult. 

Do you come to us or do we come to you?

You come to us!  Our music studios are bright and comfy with all the fun learning aids and teaching games you can think of. Specifically, our piano studio has two grand pianos that are a bit too big to carry around! We’re proud to welcome you into our studio where we’ve curated the best learning environment possible to set you or your child up for success.

Violin & Piano lessons for students of all ages

“Lalitha mixes the hard work with a great deal of humour – a very positive, enjoyable approach that facilitates a fabulous rapport with her students... She is not merely a highly qualified teacher but has been a true mentor.”

Julie - former piano student

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